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JUST IN!!! Igbo man marries beautiful Korean woman in Traditional wedding

A photo of a Korean bride with her Igbo groom in a wedding ceremony has flooded the social media. The cultural and traditional wedding attire is beautiful sight to behold, which got a lot of people on social media gushing. No doubt, the combinatorial traditional wedding will be a pure delight. The Igbo people are naturally endowed with blessings of God both humanly, materially, Academically, Financially and otherwise. Check out their traditional wedding feature and also catch up with their pre-wedding shoot below:

How Lady disgraced Nigeria At Miss Africa Russia Pageant (Watch Video)

In the video, Miss Udeh Chiamaka Victoria  Steps Out With Blood-Stained Nigerian Flag At Miss Africa Russia Pageant. The Nigerias Representative, walked  with the blood-stained flag which gained prominence after the alleged shooting at Lekki Toll Gate during the #EndSARS protest. The event took place in Moscow, Russia on Sunday, June 13. Watch below; CLICK LINK

'Ladies who wear trousers can never make heaven' — Evangelist warns

Nigerian evangelist, Victor Edet, says ladies who wear trousers and leggings have zero chances of getting to heaven. He stated this on his Facebook page. He wrote; ''THE Cold weather in Europe, America and Canada shouldn't be an excuse why you should wear Trouser, Tight or Leggings. There are Women who wore skirts in Ancient Day's in Europe, American and Canada before Satan Introduced Female Trouser. If you are still wearing Trouser, Tights and Leggings as a Lady, your chance's of getting to Heaven is Zero. Deuteronomy:22-5''

"Be selfish. Put yourself first. You deserve it" - Modupe Odele Advices Ladies

A verified twitter user,  Modupe Odele (@Mochievious) has advised women to put themselves first in anything they do. The lawyer however claimed that most ladies take care of everyone and put themselves last. Urging them to remain "selfish". Odele who is known for sharing personal development, wrote: "Women stop being anybody’s backbone. They do not deserve it. "I’m actually serious. Women take care of everyone then put themselves last. Be selfish. Put yourself first. You deserve."

"Broke people's prayers are very beggarly" - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, popular author has urged his followers and many others to make money in order to help people whenever they encounter anyone in difficult time. He actually stated that not everything requires prayers, insisting that money is most likely involved in humans needs. Making public his assertions, Reno in a recent post on micro-blogging site, twitter said in ones time of need what is expected is "payer warriors and not prayer warriors!" Using the good Samaritan in the holy bible as an example. "Make money, so when you see human suffering, you won't need to pray, you will just pay. Be like the Good Samarita. When he saw the man attacked by robbers, he didn't pray. He paid. In your own time of need, you need payer warriors, not prayer warriors!," He added. Reacting to the agitation for money making, many people has shunned him over making such comment, while many asked how can they make money in a country where there's no job No food No security no g

8 Foods that Actually Damage Your Kidneys

Our kidneys have a vitally important function in that they detoxify the body. According to the National Institutes of Health, the average set of kidneys filters an astonishing 200 quarts of blood per day and produces about 2 quarts of waste. In the process, the important nutrients that we need to maintain the function of all bodily processes are sent back into the bloodstream. Kidneys work around the clock to keep us healthy, and even play a role in blood pressure. The quality of our diets very much affects how hard the kidneys need to work to accomplish this goal. Certain foods put a lot more pressure on these bean-shaped organs, and should be eaten in moderation to avoid developing kidney disease. Luckily, it’s never too late to improve the health of your kidneys, even if you already have a kidney disorder. (Of course, at that point, your doctor will need to be involved.) Here are 8 foods that put enormous strain on your kidneys. Some of them do have redeeming health value and should