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Nigeria is Collapsing — Gumi Cries Out

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, has warned that the Buhari government's failure to listen to the country's agitators will hasten the country's destruction.  Gumi, speaking on Arise TV's "Good Morning Show" on Wednesday, said that when citizens take up arms against their own government, it indicates that there is a problem, and that pretending that there are no agitations will not make them go away.  As a result, he warned that the Buhari administration had best choose the easier route to peace, which is to listen to and address the concerns of agitators, lest the one Nigeria they claim is non-negotiable be destroyed without negotiation. “Government doesn’t want to recognise that there are agitations. Even with the IPOB. If I were the government, I will go and sit down with them and ask what the problem is. “Why are you carrying weapons against your own country? So is the case with the herdsmen. They are ready to negotiate,” Gumi said. “Now, t