Stay away from my house else, you'll not go back the same - Igboho Warns Police (Video)

Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho, a self-described Yoruba liberation fighter, said in a video that security forces in Nigeria cannot frighten or arrest him.

In the video, Sunday Igboho boasts that if 1,000 police officers arrive at his home in Ibadan to arrest him, just about 100 will return to their base.

If a hundred of the 1,000 police officers manage to avoid his judgment, he believes they will vanish spiritually.

His words: “If you want to arrest me, come. I live in Soka. Make sure you come with a net and wheelbarrow. And don’t come at night. If about 1,000 of you come at night, if 100 return, it means you use spiritual powers to disappear. I am not the type that can be intimidated by the police,” Sunday Igboho boasted in the video.

Igboho said this after resurfacing from the attack on his house by Security operatives in Ibadan.


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