Ngige Is Not God, I Curse Him For Attacking Nnamdi Kanu— Lolo Victoria Mbachu

Lolo Victoria Mbachu  dares the former Governor f Anambra State and the current minister For labour and Employment,Chris Ngige. She forbade Ngige and  place a curse on him over recent attack on Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. 

She said; "Chris Ngige i am happy you are not God and can not be God tomorrow Ngige. If you people do not like yourself touch  his life, let see whether you are the creator of heaven and earth. 

"If you know what happened to the great King of Babylon that will be what will happen to all of you that wants to die on the seat of APC, you Ogbonni man.

She further stated 'God will show you people that he is in total control of affairs of men on earth and will give it to whomsoever he wishes to give it. Wait you will be president of Nigeria, is your dead body. You will tell the Igbos whether  President is the problems of Nigeria. 

She went further to state 'As you wish our Moses evil, evil will befall you and your family forevermore. You will not live to see our golden Biafra. You occupied space where youths should occupied and sent all your family abroad to enjoy while poor people are here dying of hunger. When people worked, after their retirement, you people eat their gratuity, pensions and allowance.

"You people want to come again to become Colossus, that is why you evil wicked politicians and governors are against good Smaratian. You want him dead, is you people that will not live to see tomorrow.

"God of Israel will give all  of you people that are terrorising the entire country with your opponents and attributing it to the innocent youths in Igbo land, our land will swallow all of you in Jesus mighty name. 

"You people that says, there is no God, and God has no knowledge of your evil deed, you people will not go unpunished. You people forgot that God is  faithful and righteous. You will see that his God liveth, he will return unhurt in Jesus name, Amen"
She says. 


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