JUST IN: Chris Ngigi Blast Nnamdi Kanu

Chris Ngige, Nigerian Labour Minister has lambasted the leader of IPOB over the recent arrest made by Nigerian government in collaboration with International security agencies.

According to Ngige; "The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu the Self acclaimed leader of IPOB will serve as a very big lesson to all the secessionist Groups in Nigeria. 

"Nnamdi Kanu did an abominable act in Nigeria ranging from the kil-ling of innocent Fulani cattle rearers, bu-rning of Police Stations and k-illing of Nigerian Force members, hijacking the end SARS protest thereby the setting the whole country on f-ire. 

"Today, nem-esis has caught up with him, he should face the law and justice be melted on him to serve as a lesson to those supporting him directly and indirectly. 

"What the APC government has done in the Eastern part of Nigeria, no government has ever done it in the history of Nigeria. Yet, IPOB members are not satisfied. Today, let us see who will bail the cat again. The matter is taking another dimension and this time around he will never escape judgement.

"Its obvious Igbo elites are strongly behind the Federal Government and we say capital "YES" to one Nigeria. With the current scenario now, Igbos are now united to produce the next President of Nigeria come 2023".


  1. Chris Ngige is a what less fool,a fool at forty is a fool forever.


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