JUST IN! Biafra, Ambazonia Begin Joint Training In Secret Forests Across Regions

It's no more news that the proscribed separatist group in Nigeria, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has formed an alliance with the separatist movement in Cameroon, Amazonia War Liberation (AWL) in the areas of training for combat operations and arms exchange.

While IPOB, together with its Eastern Security Network (ESN) are fighting for the independence of Biafra Republic, AWL together with its Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) are also agitating to break away from cameroon.

Recall that the leadership of AWL had announced that they have established a relationship with IPOB towards pursuing a common goal of independence on 10th April 2021, according to Daily Trust

Nnamdi Kanu and the leader of AWL, Dr Lucas Cho Ayaba, have indicated plans to work together in the struggles for their two regions, according to a recording of a Zoom meeting which was posted on the IPOB leader's social media accounts: "We are in the know of what is happening. We are closely monitoring" a security source who pleaded anonymity said.

"There is a link between them because the Ambazonian militants are offering training to IPOB members" another source said.

An analysis by Foreign Policy showed that the two groups agreed to "work to secure their shared border and ensure an open exchange of weapons and personnel".

The leaders Of both groups pledged their determination to forge a close alliance and accelerate international attention to grant them the right to self-determination from their mother countries: Nigeria and Cameroon.

They noted that people in the two areas are allegedly subjugated to oppression and underdevelopment, which was worsened by colonialism and neo-colonialism. Noting that the trend was to keep the entire African continent under subjugation.


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