No One Has The Right To Ban Open Grazing, Without Creating Alternatives For Herders — Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba has spoken about the ban on open grazing, he said that no one has the exclusive right to place a ban on open grazing without properly creating reasonable alternatives such as ranching or industrial herding for the people who are being banned. 

He further said that he supports the decision made by the Presidency.

Adamu Garba also said that banning open grazing without creating alternatives such as ranching would not solve any problem at all. He noted that will only give political succour but will never be a lasting solution for the crises between herdsmen and farmers and.

Adam Garba has said that if southern governors want to bring to an end the crises between farmers and herdsmen, then they should create alternatives for herdsmen such as ranching and industrial herding since that would be the only way to make sure herders do not move their herds into privately owned farms.


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