Biafraland Is Going To Become The Red Sea To Fulanis, Nigerian Army – Nnamdi Kanu Vows


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the largest mass movement seeking an independent nation from Nigeria – the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has made a prophetic revelation regarding the fall of the Nigerian Army, he refers to as the "Fulani, janjaweed Army"

Nnamdi Kanu, who was reacting to the reported news in Zamfara where the indigenous residents were seen in a viral video lamenting that bandits have been wrecking their lives and properties, recalled the warning he gave to soldiers in Nigerian Army who were been deployed to southeast to refrain, retire and protect their respective communities against upcoming Jihadists.

The IPOB leader also stated that just like the Biblical Red Sea were Pharaoh's Army drowned, Biafra land will be the Red Sea of the Nigerian Soldiers he describes as Fulani Army, sent to kill innocent people in the Eastern region.

"Do you know that the Army of Pharaoh was destroyed in Red Sea? And they drowned in the Red Sea? Kanu asked

"Biafraland is going to become the Red Sea of the Fulani Army. There they will drown and there they will die. Let me make it very very clear to all of you, you see this Army of Nigeria, history will record that they died in Biafra. Complete destruction 

"Because very many years ago when we started our atonement to be asking E'lohim to please forgive us because we're very sinful, we're horrible, we turned our back against you, we started following White gods, all these foreign idols, all those nonsense, that we have sinned against thee, please have mercy upon us. 

"God said to us, 'I have listened to your prayers but my anger with you people and your fathers for following foreign gods is still there but I'm going to show you that I am God'

"That was when this very process we're in now started. 

"E'lohim said that IPOB will be indestructible; Biafra is going to come but people are going to die; They will kill you, I'll give your Army the weapons to fight back; You will kill them. In the end Biafra will come. That's what is happening today

"I started telling you that they will kill us, we'll Kill them in the end Biafra will come since the year 2013 I have been telling you this without fail." Kanu said

Speaking prophetically in a Radio Biafra broadcast on Friday morning which was carefully monitored by JournalReporters, the IPOB boss explained that the reason Islam hasn't been rampant in Biafraland despite it huge influence and mass converts all through West Africa was that

God Himself obstructed the furtherance of Islam and its Fulani Army in the time past, at the plains of Benue, Otukpo.

"You must understand what we are in for. Do you Know that the Fulani Army had died before in Biafra land? Some of you don't know that is why we are not Muslims. So you don't know that before? That time only God fought for us. There was no Army, we had no standing Army. On the plains of Benue, the same thing (Benue governor) Ortom is fighting today. The same way they (Fulani) have descended on Benue was how they came.

"As they were moving their way down to Otukpo, God sent an Army of Angels from heaven to stand guard before His land (Biafra) that He blessed and say 'Beyond this very point Islam cannot enter'.

"That's why you have Islam in Yoruba land, that's why you have Islam even in some parts of Midwest, Edo State today some parts of them have Islam. That's why in Bene Republic, in Cotonou you have Islam all the way to the Atlantic ocean. That's why in Togo in have Islam all the way to Nome. That's why in Ghana you have Islam all the way even to Accra. 

"That's why across the entirety West Africa there is Islam all the way to the Atlantic ocean. But in the land of Biafra there is no Islam. Ask yourself, why? Because God Almighty in heaven had been protecting your land for many years.

"Without a standing Army, the Army of the janjaweed was defeated and I prayed to God and I said 'Let  that miracle happen once again I'm our time'. And E'lohim said to me, 'No I won't do it that way instead you are the ones who are going to kill them. I'll bring them to your land and you'll kill them. That will be their own Red Sea.' 

"As Pharaoh's Army drowned in the Red Sea, so shall the land of Biafra consume this very Army of darkness from the Sahel. But that one thing we shouldn't do is to entertain any fear. We should not be afraid. The only problem we have is fear itself. That we shouldn't be afraid. Once  you're not afraid that we have won and that's the battle that we're in.

"You were there when they declared their war and I said to you that that is my plan, I want to draw the Nigerian Army and Police into Biafra land and there we'll kill them.

"Those of them that will survive, if at all there will be any survivor, when they go back to Zamfara, they'll have no where to go to in Zamfara because in their own land, armed Killers are there waiting for them. Is that not what is happening now?" Kanu said


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