ʼEconomy Is Too Fragileʼ — Buhari Cautioned Against Second COVID-19 Lockdown

 A Lagos cleric, Apostle Peter About, has advised president Mohammadu Bihari to be cautious about the rumoured second covid-19 lockdown, insisting that the economy is too fragile to withstand a second lockdown.

The FG has announced a cofew from 12am to 4am, prompting Nigerians   to believe there could be a total lockdown like was experienced in March last year.

Speaking in Lagos against this backdrop, Oboh, former British light heavy weight boxing champion, now an apostle is Jesus., If lockdown becomes inevitable, problems that created hiccups in the distribution of palliatives should be avoided.

The former common wealth light heavy weight boxing champion advised that government should ensure that there’s strict observance of Covid-19.

He therefore urged wealthy Nigerians to join the FG in seeing that palliatives get to the nooks and crannies of nigerian suburbs.

“Many influencial Nigerians became con men by not releasing the huge amount of food stuff meant for the poor.


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