2021: See Buhari's gift to Nigerians

President Muhammadu Buhari during his New year speech in 2021, promised to make sure COVID-19 vaccine gets to all Nigerians.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his administration has finalized plans to procure the COVID-19 vaccine and efficiently and effectively distribute it to Nigerians.

Buhari said that this is part of his promise to keep the country “on a forward march,” which he said “is a duty which we all have and share.”

This was part of the President’s New Year nationwide broadcast where he insisted that he will play his part fully and without fear or favour.

“…keeping our country safe from a resurgent cycle of COVID-19 as this administration finalizes its plans to procure and efficiently and effectively distribute the COVID-19 vaccines, I urge you all fellow citizens to observe strict COVID-19 prevention protocols,” he said.

“As your elected President, my pledge to you is the same as it has always been; I will play my part fully and without fear or favour. I invite all of us to do the same,” he noted.

Buhari added that he was committed to the people of Nigeria, especially the youth, adding that the future of the youth must be secured for the country to be secured.

He described the young people as the country’s most valuable natural resource, at home and abroad.


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