Who will marry me for free, but under this conditions – Lady says

 I lived freely in a comfortable life, my parent really loves so much, but I lost them last one year. I have inherited enough money from my parents wealth.

Now the only thing I want is to get a life partner, due to this I decided to find somebody who have interested to get married with me. 

I made a sentenced that anybody who agree to marry me, he can get me free without spending his money, but under the following circumstance:

Firstly, When we got married, it does not allow for you to add another wife till the end of your life, you only live with me alone.

Secondly, I have no time for cooking our food, we are going to the hotel daily for taking our food there.

Thirdly, It’s compulsory to schedule our honeymoon occasionally.

l Just Broke my Savings Box now and I Saw This, I Need a Girlfriend 


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