See How a Woman Hires Gang to Kill Husband, Luckily the Gangster is the Man’s Childhood Friend

 “What a Wicked World”- See How a Woman Hires Gang to Kill Husband, Luckily the Gangster is the Man’s Childhood Friend

There was a sensational scene in a town in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County as a lady was busted setting up the entombment of her significant other (the two characters covered up for security reasons) who she thought was dead.

Everything began after a contradiction between the couple who later chose to head out in a different direction however still lawfully wedded.

Things got ugly as the spouse started getting antagonistic to the husband through ceaseless compromising considers which the man took for the ordinary animosity between them.

Little did he know the situation would escalate into what could just be described as a thriller movie as the wife decided to take matters into her hands and kill the husband, the end game allegedly being to take over the disputed property.

The lady, who had as of now waked out of her home and was living in a different house in Kutus, came about to employing a posse of two with severe guidelines on how they handle the issue.

As indicated by the arrangement, they were to be offered 200k forthright and a comparable sum subsequent to getting rid of the spouse and any proof of their deeds.

The two criminals were offered headings to the place of the man whose destiny was at that point fixed in the lady’s psyche, or so she thought.

In a narration by one of the hired gang members who came to confess later, on a fateful night, they were to knock on the husband’s door and shoot him dead the moment he opened, do away with the body, and send evidence of completion of the job to the wife.

As the arrangement would be, the two men showed up at the said doorstep and the pioneer thumped. Quickly the eventual casualty opened, the subsequent one raised his gun to fire however out of nowhere his partner requested him to prematurely end the mission.

In the cumbersomeness existing apart from everything else, the spouse and one of the hoodlums gave each other a hard look just to see they knew every; they were beloved companions.

Shaking and frightened, the man sought to know what was happening. After welcoming them into the house, the gang of two narrated how the whole plan had been hatched by the wife, the amount they were to receive, and how they would make confirmation of the kill.

The spouse consented to top up the full installment of the work and play dead for them to snap a picture of the ‘body’ and send it to the wife.

They further consented to ask the spouse to continue with entombment courses of action. It was until the memorial service day when the man, who should lie in a funeral home, appeared with cops, and gave the entire record of what happened.


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