I Have Seen A Lady Who Pick Up A Street Boy And Wash Him - Woman Says

A woman identified as Beatrica Uzah has advised ladies to build their man and make them what they want him to look like.

She said this in a Facebook group while reacting to a comment made by a twitter user, Ayomide who posted on her Twitter page that she needs a man that comes with Remote control and manual so that she can easily control him.

Beatrica in a reply said: "You see, you have the type of man you want whether poor or rich. My dear you are not ready yet to marry, didn't you know that your luck can bring open door to a poor man where you will have peace, does it mean that some of you girls don't have advisers, haven't you seen where a lady will have and bring in a man who don't have, becareful, don't put this type of thing in media, the type of man you are looking for did you know whether it is a lady like you that made him what he is, because l have seen a lady who pick up a street boy and wash him, make him someone, and l have seen ashawo in the hotel she got a customer from there they got married, her first born was twince and from there they own hotel of there own, You what did you have, what is your qualification."


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