“Forgive Me” UK-based Lawyer Apologizes To Nigerians For Campaigning And Misleading Them To Vote For Buhari, Nigerians React.

UK-based Nigerian lawyer named Fola Adeleke has apologized to Nigerians for Campaigning and Misleading them to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari. Adeleke said he is asking for forgiveness on behalf of himself and his family because he has Buhari’s administration is the most gruesome government in the history of Nigeria. He took to his Twitter page @Fola_Adeleke on Friday, December 11 to make this plea. He also shared a photo of his family. He wrote;
“On behalf of me and my Family I tender my sincere apology, for campaigning and misleading people to vote for this empty brain man @MBuhari the most gruesome government in the history of Nigeria,where life have no value,wanton killing here and there. Accept my Apology Nigerians!!” This plea has generated sparks online as many have said they aren’t going to forgive him. Others have given him hard knocks for fleeing to the United Kingdom after causing ‘havoc’. Some reactions reads; @aaijay51 wrote;
“We forgive only on one condition…Come home and enjoy the peace and maximum security he gives to us all…” @MrStephenChidi1 wrote; “You are forgiven, but on one condition. Get him out of the presidency. Put out the fire you kindled!” @DennisLaah wrote; “Hmmmmm. Medicine after Death. People that have died cannot be resurrected by mere apologies. Kindly make restitution, the poverty level is Extremely High.” @madprofuyah wrote; “No I refuse your apology. Come back to Nigeria. Stay for 1year and apologies will be accepted. You can’t just throw a terrible good on us and now also throw an apology at us. Show repentance, come down to Naija and experience first hand the SALVATION by BUHARI. See tweets below;


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