Nigeria is good only because "we are still alive" - Adebanjo

Nigeria is good only because "we are still alive" - Adebanjo

Elder statesman and leader of Pan Yoruba Socio political group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said there's no longer any good thing to be happy about in the country, except being alive. He lamented that despite a battered country begging for good leadership, the Buhari administration has so far failed to buck the trend by doing more damages through self-serving.
He said the current is very corrupt, thus making restructuring all the more important. 

Speaking in an interview with Daily Sun, he said, "I think the good thing about the country right now, is that we are alive to see this day. The government that is ruling us is not for the common man but for themselves."

On what his group is demanding from Buhari, he said, "Our demand is clear, that the country must be restructured now, anything less the government is just wasting time. Restructure the country back to federalism, let every region be autonomous then we can be in peace any other thing cannot work.

"He does not listen to people I know, you go to Court he is already in Court, you go to the people he is already talking to, we should pray to God to help us.

"I have been talking about these issues since 1962, the Igbo’s are crying, the Ijaws are crying, people are carrying sticks, the Fulani herdsmen carrying guns in South West have not been arrested? This is the issue, and you are talking."

Asked whether fixing the electoral system could lead to better leadership in the country, he said, "Don’t bother yourself with that because is it not the same people? When the parties are demanding millions before some contest in their party, how can any candidate win the election and not be corrupt?

"That is to show the mockery of Buhari; he said he did not have money to buy form in 2015, he said that to show how poor he was, hoping that he would change the system, but what is happening? Is that not corruption? If you let me in I would pay back.

"Here is somebody that said he wants to wipe out corruption; Timipre Silva was found guilty under Jonathan’s government the Court freed him; he did not appeal, he sent for him and gave him all his properties back and to crown it up he gave him appointment in his cabinet with the lawyer who prosecuted him. Can you imagine that? With all the education would you respect that kind of man? But it is happening here."

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