Stop giving Boko haram publicity, it's dangerous - Burutai warns Nigerians

Stop giving Boko haram publicity, it's dangerous - Burutai warns Nigerians

The Nigeria Army Chief, Mr Burutai has warned the general public to stop giving Boko haram publicity.

Also speaking he noted that the publicity been showered on the terrorist group given them more power and courage to attack Nigerians constantly.

Burutai made this statement during his visit to troops in the north east on Friday.

He said, “This worrisome development has further boosted the image of the criminal gang thus assuming larger than life status.”

“It is wrong for any person to eulogize or support murderers, bandits and armed robbers that the known Boko Haram terrorists group has turned into,” he said.

According to him, “It is common knowledge that the criminals no longer pretend to be championing any cause other than quest for materialism as manifested in murder and terror on hapless people.

“Unfortunately, many Nigerians are not aware that giving prominence to the criminal activities of the terrorists group through sensational headlines and fake news in both electronic and print media could also amount to tacit support to terrorism which violates the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011.

“It is therefore important that all Nigerians to rally round our gallant troops as they fight these criminals. All should know that the support to the efforts of the Armed Forces of Nigeria in the counter terrorism efforts would boost their morale and it will be highly appreciated.

“The Nigerian Army is asking for the continued understanding and cooperation of all Nigerians and well-meaning people.”

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  1. But the Nigerian army should stop reporting falsehood to the people.Boko Haram has never been been defeated or deciminated at any given time.