South East is a part of Nigeria, it is their turn to produce the next president in 2023 — Tanko Yakasai

Tanko Yakasai, a second republic politician, has said that it is the turn of the South-east to produce the next president in 2023.

Yakassai said this in an interview with The Sun on Thursday, September 19, 2019, where he noted that a few Northerners clamouring for power in 2023 were doing so for their selfish interests.

Yakassai added that the actions of President Muhammadu Buhari do not represent the general position of the north.

According to him, “The North has 55 percent of the population of this country. One man from the North can’t speak and his views will be taken as the views of the entire North. It’s wrong.

“Buhari didn’t speak for the North and his actions don’t represent the North. He’s just one man. We should separate these things and save the unity of this country.

“When Buhari ran for election, he didn’t win the entire North. The man who ran against him was from the North too.

“They divided the votes. If Buhari couldn’t win the entire North, does that not tell you that his views or actions don’t represent that of the North?

“President Buhari is on his own, he is a northerner but his action does not represent the North.

“South East is a part of Nigeria. It is high time the South East produced the President of Nigeria.”


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