Poverty eradication, quality education, and gender inclusion are my main priorities as UNGA president — Muhammad Bande

The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, has revealed that poverty eradication, quality education, and gender inclusion are his main priorities.

He said this in an interview with UN News.

He stressed that education “equalises everything and everyone.” He also related the connections between education and employment, equality and sense of rights

“Whoever is denied an education is denied almost everything. Look at the connection between education and employment, education and equality, education and a sense of your rights, and around the globe,” he said.

He also explained how access to a better curriculum could lead to less hate, saying ”rather there will be better understanding, better economy, and more equality.”

On poverty eradication, Mr Muhammad-Bande said with the cooperation of member countries, there will be notable progress.

”Each State will provide information on past initiatives which have and have not worked so that a sustainable solution can surface,” he said.

When asked about the improvement of gender inclusion at the UN, he said: “the improvement is really in implementing what we’ve agreed to, that is to restate and to also act in a concerted manner to see that no one is left behind regardless of gender or race or religion.”


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