It Is Needful To Repatriate All USA Based Nigerians

It Is Needful To Repatriate All USA Based Nigerians

No matter how pretentious some people would tend to be, it is noteworthy to state here that hypocrisy and insincerity are the worst to contend with, than the resultant effects of Boko Haram and Fulani killer herdsmen activities combined. It is just a shame! The treacherous antecedents of those Nigerians resident in the United States of America surpass that of these war criminals cum arch-genocidists, in the persons of late Benjamin Adekunle (Black scorpion), Yakubu Gowon and Theophilus Danjuma. To these USA based Nigerians, their love for One-Nigeria in their thinking, rates more than that of late Zik of Africa, (Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe), who sacrificed all for the so-called Nigerian independence of 1960. 

This USA based Nigerian intelligentsia comprises of a company of faceless political jobbers sponsored from Abuja. They are shamelessly springing up in their desperate attempt to justify their pay by churning out all manner of imbecilic letters through the social media against a civilized organization (IPOB), that is justly contending with corrupt Nigerian government and politicians. The impoverishment of the downtrodden and their gruesome killing  by the Nigerian security forces and different Fulani Islamic terror groups, is to say the least, most despicable even in a democracy.  The spate of killings and economic woes prevalently being witnessed in the country, should constitute enormous burden for them to write about rather than toeing the path of self-destruction and disgusting hypocrisy.

Going through the purported letter the so-called Atlanta-based forum of Nigerian professionals wrote to President Donald Trump, one can only conclude that it is actually time for the governments of all the foreign countries to begin to deport these "lovers of Nigeria". They have to come back so that they can begin to take the heats arising from the activities of Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram terrorists, the grossly devastating economic woes, despotic antecedents of the Nigerian government and of course, death. 

Pat Alao-Moses and Moses Omotosho (Yoruba) that claim to love Nigeria and Nigerians, never deemed it fit to write to the USA President based on the relentless dehumanization and killing of the indigenous people in Benue State and elsewhere. They love Nigeria and her citizens, yet they never considered it expedient to rightly condemn the brazen acts of impunity/rascality of President Muhammadu Buhari, his government cabals and the Nigerian security operatives against the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and members of Shia Islamic Sect (Shi'ites). Perhaps these self-serving merchants of evil, may have forgotten the full import of the statement of the USA President about Africa and the irredeemably crippled/corrupt Nigeria when he said: "They have a history of criminality with more of them in almost every country of the world, jailed. So I do not think we know them. They are not worthy enough to acquire a country of their own"....US President Donald John Trump. 

When the marauding Islamic terrorists known as Fulani herdsmen gruesomely killed a Catholic Priest, Reverend Father Paul Offu on the 1st of August 2019, in Enugu, these grossly compromised individuals never thought it wise to condemn the act and write President Trump. The brazenly deficient letter purportedly written to the American President will definitely serve as a revelation of the killers of IPOB family members during pro-Trump inauguration rally in Igweocha, as the 45th US President few years back. This moronic bunch of self-acclaimed intellectuals based in  Atlanta - Georgia, in the United States of America, have succeeded in not only exposing their stupidity and ignorance, but have equally dug their own graves. They, most assuredly, will be deported back from the US for trying to compel her government to go against the cherished tenets of the nation's just laws and human rights. The American government needs not be tutored on what IPOB fully stands as an organization. Nigeria is already at the precipice and nothing will deliver her from imminent disintegration. 

Written by Obulose Chidiebere 

Edited by Peter Oshagwu 
For Family Writers Press International

I am a contributor and story publisher @EcoCityTvNews I also bring you All Breaking News, Regular Updates and Trending News 24/7 and More.

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