Breaking: See How Obasanjo reacts to Mugabe’s death

Breaking: See How Obasanjo reacts to Mugabe’s death

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has expressed sadness over the death of former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe .

Obasanjo , who said he received the news of the death of Mugabe with immense sadness , described the late nonagenarian as an indomitable fighter who he said had contributed in no small measure to the liberation of Zimbabwe from apartheid and oppressive radicalism .

The former president said this in a condolence letter to Zimbabwean President , Emmerson Mnangagwa, a copy of which was made available to newsmen through his Special Assistant (Media ), Kehinde Akinyemi.

Manangagwa had broken the news that Mugabe died in the early hours of Friday , in Singapore at the age of 95.
Obasanjo said he commiserated with his family and the people of the South African country .

The letter reads . “ News of President Robert G. Mugabe ’s death in Singapore , in the early hours of today,(Friday ) was received by me with immense sadness indeed .

“ It is, therefore, with a profound sense of sympathy that I write, on behalf of my family and on my own behalf, to commiserate with you and the entire good people of Zimbabwe over the painful transition of President Robert Mugabe , former President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, a frontline leader , an activist , an indomitable fighter for the liberation of Zimbabwe from apartheid and oppressive racialism .

“ Mugabe was a statesman per excellence and a tireless advocate of the preservation of the mystique of Africa’s moral and cultural values , who had selflessly dedicated himself to public service for most of his life , particularly as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 1980- 1987 and also as President from 1987- 2017.

“ Having followed with keen interest his heroic struggles to secure an independent Zimbabwe in 1980, President Mugabe had become much more than a leader of his people.

“ He had become the living symbol and embodiment of their long and valiant struggle for their rightful place in the comity of nations .

“ I recall with pride also Nigeria ’ s association with Zimbabwe’s struggles against racist minority rule and country ’ s eventual independence in 1980 and quite retaining is the memory of the honour of Nigeria being classified a frontline State in those years.

“ President Mugabe was , without doubt , one of the greatest African freedom fighters to have walked on the African soil .
Powered by RubiQube Ad “ This he did with his colleague and brother, Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo , leading to the formation of the Patriotic Front for which Nigeria took a vanguard position.

“ Under his administration as the President of Zimbabwe for well over three decades , the country witnessed significant efforts at placing the command of Zimbabwean economy in the hands of Zimbabweans .

“ The death of a leader of President Mugabe ’s stature is a big loss, not only to his immediate family and country but to the whole of Africa.

“ History will record his vital contributions to the realisation of the dream of regional unity in Southern Africa.

“ As we mourn the death of this great man and progenitor of contemporary Africa, I urge you all to take solace in the memory of his total dedication and commitment to the service of his people and for the cause of justice . We salute his achievements in laying the foundation of modern , independent and free Zimbabwe.

“ We pray that the Almighty God will give you , the entire Mugabe family and the good people of Zimbabwe the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss and grant President Mugabe eternal repose in His bosom .”

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