We're all Born Biafrans, Nigeria Govt can't kill 'Biafra' with guns and bullets - OSU Ofia blasts FG

We're all Born Biafrans, Nigeria Govt can't kill 'Biafra' with guns and bullets - OSU Ofia blasts FG

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh, Popularly known As ‘Osu Ofia’ Once Again Speaks On The Issue Of Biafra And Nigeria. 

In a statement received by Eco City Reporters, he revealed that 'Biafra of today can not be killed by Guns and bullets instead it ignites provocations'.

His words in full: "I Have Spoke About The Issue Of Biafra Before And I Will Continue To Say This, Biafra Agitation Is Something That Can Never Go Away. Every Person Born In The Old Eastern Region Is Automatically A Born Biafran. Biafra Is Not Something You Choose To Be, It's Already A Part Of Us. 

"Like I Have Said Before, IPOB Has Always Been A Peaceful Group Even Before Their Wrongful Proscription. I Spoke Against The Killings Of Their Members And Also The Attempts To Kill Nnamdi Kanu. I Warned About The Consequences Of These Actions But No One Seems To Be Listening. Biafra Can Not Be Killed By Guns And Bullets. What That Does Is Only To ignite More Provocations And Uprising. 

▪️On The Issue Of Nigeria He Said; 

"Nigeria Is Now In A Very Fragile State And Anything Can Happen. Nobody Wants War But No One Should Think They Have A Monopoly Of Oppression And Intimidation. The Way Things Are In Nigeria At The Moment, Some Group Of People See Themselves As The First Class Citizens Of Nigeria And They Feel The Need To Subject The Other Groups As Been Inferior To Them.

"If This Continues Nigeria Won't Last Long. The Country Is Already In A Very Critical State Of Chaos And If These Oneside Killings Continue To Occur, Others Would Be Forced To Retaliate.  Nigeria Has Always Been On The Blink Of Collapse But Even Now, It Seem More Inevitable. Look At The Country, And You Can Tell That Something Is Definitely Not Right.

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