Intelligence report reveals Buhari yet to arrive Japan – Nnamdi Kanu

IPOB intelligence unit (M-Branch) can authoritatively confirm that the fake Nigerian president Jubril Al-Sudani (Jubril-Buhari) has not arrived yet in Japan. We have the confidential flight log of the presidential jet carrying Jubril-Buhari.

All the photoshopped pictures APC politicians have been flooding Facebook with are all fake and designed to deceive the public. Jubril-Buhari stopped over in Muscat capital of Oman.

From what we know of his flight details (see proof below) he is scheduled to leave for Tokyo tonight. IPOB Japan should know he is heading to Tokyo HANEDU Airport from Oman. Airport code HND.

They can deceive their fellow Nigerians but not IPOB. We are waiting for him at Hanedu Airport.

Below are the supposedly confidential flight details of Jubril-Buhari’s presidential jet that departed Abuja yesterday. Please be aware they have now hired Chinese digital experts to help them with editing and picture manipulation of Jubril’s visit to Japan but we are IPOB, we are more intelligent than them.


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