If you cannot manage Nigeria's diversity, step down — Babangida Tell Leaders

IBB urges leaders to respect diversity and pursue harmonious coexistence in the country.

Former Military President Babangida urge leaders to respect diversity and pursue common interests.We know you're a genius and not here for some dumb questions; but who would you consider as the best and greatest president to ever live? What if your top choice were to become Nigeria's president, what are your odds that'll he'd be able to make this country work?

We're certainly not the worst and most complicated country in the world, but it does appear as though our problem as a people, is so unique and complex that even the greatest president to ever live, will still struggle to make this geographical contraption as some would call it, work.

Former Military President General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, seem to agree that Nigeria is a complicated country when he hosted the House of Representatives Minority Cacus led by Minority Leader Ndudi Elumelu at his uphill residence in Minna, Niger State.

The former military president said Nigeria is difficult to administer, describing it as a complex and difficult country because of its diversities and peculiarities.

You represent the people and it is what the people wish that you take up.

According to him, the diversities always give room for contrasting opinions and debates along geopolitical lines which sometimes lead to tension and bad blood.

He however, urged political leaders to see the positives, and suggests leaders who cannot handle the diversity and complexities of the country have no business occupying their respective positions. He said elected officials irrespective of their capacities, must always remember that they are there for the masses, and therefore, must represent the interests of those who placed them there.

“The country is complex and difficult because in Nigeria, there are as many opinions as there are the number of people in the country. Nigeria is a very vibrant society and what is important is the determination to carry on and you have to remain very resilient in everything you do for the benefit of the country.”

“You represent the people and it is what the people wish that you take up. I want to commend you for doing your job honourably and urge you not to give up,” he said.

Babangida who said he is passionately "observing what's going on in the country," is one of many voices to express concern over the Buhari-led administration's inability to unite Nigerians and heed to their yearnings and aspirations.

The Buhari administration since coming into office in 2015, has failed to live upto expectations despite subjecting the country to huge debts. There's also surge in insecurity and unemployment despite recent claims of raising over five million people from extreme poverty.

The President has been accused of lopsided appointments and pursuing agendas that seem to favour one part of the country over others. There's also the claim of Fulanization due to the President's preferential treatment of his kinsmen despite their contributions to insecurity in the country.

Lastly, the president's handling of the recent #RevolutionNow protest is seen as suppression of free speech and violation of the rights of Nigerians to demand accountability from government. The protesters where attacked by security operatives, and the protest's leading figure, Omoyele Sowore was arrested last weekend and is still in detention.


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