Breaking: Joe Igbokwe Appointed As special Adviser to Lagos gutter Affair - Report

Nigerians has taken on twitter to reacts on the new appointment of Joe Igbokwe as special adviser on drainage and water resources to the governor of Lagos state.

Before his appointment as a gutter adviser, Igbokwe was the spokesman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

Igbokwe had courted controversy earlier in the month when he said that anyone who claims President Muhammadu Buhari is not doing well is a liar from hell.

Some of the commentators on social media mocked him on the new appointment which they claimed has belittled his status.

See reactions obtain by Nkiruka Nistoran below:

Reno Omokri✔@renoomokri

May the poetic justice visited upon Joe Igbokwe fall on all those who know that General@MBuhari is a DISASTER but go on TV/Radio/Social Media to lie that he is a SUPERSTAR. 

Do you patriotic duty and RETWEET your AMEN!#AdviserOnGutterMatters#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosDarts

Jude C. Ndukwe ANIPR@stjudendukwe


So, after all his attempts to deny & denigrate his roots, Joe Igbokwe was only made Special Adviser to the Governor on Drainage & Water Resources, that is, SA on Gutter Matters Kai, these Lagos guys are wuked. And Lagos gutters and canals are not even smiling o…Chei!!!

Dadiyata The Jonathanian@The_Jonathanian

So Joe Igbokwe (that former Igbo man) has been conferred with a very befitting title by the mad governor of Lagos State as Special Adviser, Drainage and Water Resources. 

All Hail the “Oburu Nsị of Yorubaland”

We Ndigbo are glad to offload “Efulefu Nnewi” to Ndị Yoruba


So after Joe igbokwe denied his ancestry and tribe, he will be in charge of all the shits and dirty carnal waters. @jidesanwooluthank you. That dirty man belongs to the gutters. Thank you Mr Governor.

Benny Umoren@BennyUmoren


Congrats to Joe Igbokwe, the Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Drainage and Water Resources aka SA on Lagos Gutters Affairs

APC Una too wicked, after all the noise he is made to monitor the smelling Lagos Gutters? Inside life

Pereke Buloebi Dio@perekedio

When you hear Joe Igbokwe has been appointed SA on Drainage by the Lagos state govt.

chijioke @Ekwulu

”Joe Igbokwe, Special Assistant on Water resources and drainage services!

Do you know the job detail behind Drainage service?.. Cleaning of gutter and packing of shit all over Lagos.

Then Water resources?… Fetching of water. He would be fetching water for governor Sanwo-Olu!

iSi @simmeonii


Joe Igbokwe has been appointed as Special Adviser for Drainage and Water Resources. Oga Joe was low key preparing to be appointed as a Commissioner but……..

Prince Adelaja Adeoye@AdelajaAdeoye


I am just wondering why Mr Joe Igbokwe would deny his own origin as an IGBO man, just to land a role as Special Assistant to Governor Sanwoolu. Is this not so ridiculous? 

To add salt to injury, they asked him to be picking and packing dirts in Lagos drainages.

Henry Shield @henryshield


Joe Igbokwe as S. A. Garbage to the Lagos State Governor got an appointment suitable to his natural calling.


A very big and heart warm Congratulations to@JoeIgbokwe #JoeIgbokwe ! Joe has been very influential with drainage and gutter related issues hence his newly elated position is meritorious! Next will be commissioner for RAIN & SUNSHINE, ewu…!!!!!

etoro @etoro111

Lol Joe Igbokwe should be left alone. Garbage side or Not, Mans just got rewarded according to his natural calling and will be at least 1bn heavier after 2023.

E.J. @Enwagboso


Joe Igbokwe, appointed Special Adviser, Drainage and Water Resources to Gov Sanwo-Olu.

After insulting every person that comes across him because of APC, he only gets an SA on mmiri nsi and soakaway.


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