The camouflage war going on in Nigeria

The camouflage war going on in Nigeria

                       By Amanda UZOR.

Nigerians, pay attention to the deceit of this murderous government controlled by Islam. Don't think that the Buhari's cabals have suspended RUGA or whatever it is called.  Islam told them to always say yes when they actually mean no, it is called “Taqiyya”. Don't go to sleep yet until you pulled down the stronghold of these enemies by all means. They have come to destroy and never to lead.

The Islamisation war going on in Nigeria in camouflage with farmer/herdsmen clashes shows how cowardice Nigerians are. Nigerians are so primitive to understand very little issues, yet they all have masters and P.HDs from their cheap universities. What is RUGA settlement and what grazing bill and cattle colony? Buhari's administration, during their first term, introduced what they called “cattle colony around the country. When those tactics didn't work, they moved it to what they called grazing bill, and that one also died on arrival, and in his second term, now as Jubril Al-Sudani, he called it “RUGA settlement. I mean, what will it take Nigerians to understand the evil plan of this government against the Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the South-east and Southwest. Since 2015 Buhari took office, Nigeria never had peace. Fulani herdsmen went on a rampage against the innocent citizens of Nigeria even in their sleep, yet myopic Nigerians still believe it is herdsmen/farmer clashes. Buhari's government said he is promoting agriculture, yet when people go to farm it is to feed the Fulani cows. 

The same government has never for once condemned openly the activities of these herdsmen. The killings and kidnappings are all over the place and these Fulanis are the people committing these atrocities and they are well known by the government, that's according to the governor of Kaduna state, El-Rufai who said that he paid some Fulani herdsmen to stop killing people. 

Now, to you who have lost your senses, what will a government do when people are killed by bandits? Is it to pay the bandits money to stop killing or to apprehend the bandits and punish them? 

Buhari's government wants to control arms use in Nigeria, instead of confiscating the arms in the hands of the Fulanis who are walking around freely with AK47, killing innocent people every day, he chose to revoke the licensed arms that have never been reported misused. Nigerian police kill innocent Keke and bike riders for not giving them a bribe of 50 or 100 nairas but are unable to apprehend one Fulani herdsman who killed twenty people in one village. How can you be so dumb to hold it up to this time? what is that Nigerians can say they are waiting for before they revolt against this murderous government? How on earth will a government force foreigners into the indigenous people's communities and it's still a subject of discussion? Do you understand what it means to infiltrate your communities with deadly killers? Who are the Northern cabals that Nigerians cannot send back to hell where they came from?  

Buhari's government came to Islamise Nigeria and he is using the good for nothing Fulanis to achieve their plans. The irony of the saga is that he didn't hide it from Nigerians. He told Nigerians that he will do everything in his power to openly promote sharia law all over Nigeria. Now that he is doing what he said he will do if Nigerians did not like it why not take action against it, instead, Nigerians are complaining individually while watching him do what he said he will do. Too many talks without action have never solved any problem. 

Where did Fulani herdsmen come from, and where were they before 2015? You people are afraid to die but you are killed every day by the Northern Islamic jihadists that are using Fulani and cattle to camouflage their operation, and you are pretending that the government is not in complicity because Jubril the impostor prefers to call them bandits instead of their real name, terrorists.
Nigerians are trees planted in the middle of the ocean still they need water. Continue to live in denial, continue to think that all is well while complaining inside your rooms. Continue sleeping in your end time churches where your pastors rape you and brainwash you with tithe and offering, romancing with your impostor, Jubil Al-Sudani.

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