Leave COZA and tackle Fulani Herdsmen that is on Rampage in Igbo, Yoruba Lands - Sunday


Nigerians love being distracted when issues of utmost importance present themselves. They give in to all manner of deception instead of contending with situations staring them in the face. Rather than seeking for lasting solutions, they dig in for more contentious problems as their manners truly are. 

From the foregoing absurdity in Nigeria, can it be said that the discussants of COZA do not really understand the prevalent Fulani plot to not only just destabilize Nigeria, but unleash gruelling wave of catastrophe/mayhem against humanity? Why the unquestionable/unchallenged impunity so far exhibited against these Islamic vampires? Now I think is the ample time for all men of good conscience to awake and collectively nip this maladious trend in the board. Issues must not be complicated or allowed to degenerate beyond management. 

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Even though the issue of COZA saga must be discussed, it should not be at the expense of the overburdened majority. Lives are being wasted on daily basis by the Fulani Islamic terrorists without recourse in Nigeria and people are just carrying on unperturbed. We must courageously synergize to fight and defeat this monster now before it becomes so belated. We cannot remain pretentious nor continue to play the second fiddle when the lives of millions are in gross danger.

Oh yes! The COZA story might just be true but should not be allowed to overwhelm the concerns of the vast majority of the populace. Issues must have to be tackled on the order of their importance and urgently too. We must never give in to distractions of the few at the expense of  the general well-being of the hurting and grossly endangered civilian population. 

Sunday Okafor 
A Free Thinker/Writer
Family Writers Press International


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