Breaking: Ruga Has Finally Landed in Abia State With 60 Full Loaded Trailers

Breaking: Ruga Has Finally Landed in Abia State With 60 Full Loaded Trailers

Reporter: Igboanugo Chukwunonso Samuel

Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia
It has emerged that the federal government
triggered RUGA alarm in Abia State when it
was discovered that a trailer park planned
for Arungwa in Osisioma local government
was ‘unusual’.

The trailer park was designed to include
police post, hospital, bank, hotel and school
hence people started suspecting that it was
a RUGA project in disguise.
The traditional ruler of Umuobasi, Professor
Sunday Owualah made this known in a
statement he issued to debunk “the false
accusation” by Abia State Government that
he had engaged in “malicious insinuation”
that land had been designated for RUGA
project in the state.
Abia government had on July 17, 2019
alleged through the attorney general and
commissioner for justice, Uche Ihediwa that
Eze Owualah was crying wolf over RUGA
and issued a seven-day ultimatum to
apologise to the state government or face
legal action.

But the embattled royal father whose
domain is contiguous to Arungwa, the host
of the suspected RUGA project, said that he
only got involved in the controversy when
the royal father of Arungwa, Eze Ndukwe
Enwereji invited him to mediate in the
communal dispute over the land acquired by
government for trailer park.
He explained that the root cause of the
dispute was that Enwereji’s subjects were
unhappy that he “authorised (land)
acquisition by government without wider
due consultation and unanimity with the
larger segment of his community,
particularly the elites.”

Prof. Owualah said that Enwereji had
lamented that he was being maligned and
falsely accused by his people despite the
amenities that trailer park was going to

“It was at this stage that I cautioned there
was need for circumspection in view of the
unfolding developments around cattle
colony and cattle route in Nigeria presently,”
he said.

“My word of caution stemmed from the size
of land involved and the facilities to be
hosted in the Trailer Park”.

The royal father said that he had on April
25, 2019 while Ihediwa was still
commissioner for lands “shared my
concerns and fears with him for the size of
project in a land-scarce environment”.

He further stated that he equally raised the
issue of possible breach of the purpose
clause in the long in view of the unfolding
events the country, adding that it was
wrong for the commissioner to accuse him
of raising false alarm on RUGA.

Apparently not satisfied with Ihediwa’s
answers to the posers surrounding the
trailer park the royal father said that he
drew the attention of Ngwa Social Club to
the issue on May 26, 2019 via a WhatsApp

According to him, the NSC would “help me
interrogate this project at the appropriate
quarters because of the Club’s strong
stakeholder status in the affairs of Ngwa
land over the years”.

Eze Owualah stoutly defended his action
and justified his interest in the trailer park
affair even though Eze Enwereji had failed to
properly sell the project to his Arungwa

He said: “As a traditional ruler whose
Community is contiguous to Arongwa
Autonomous Community, particularly the
two villages in the location of the proposed
Trailer Park, I consider it my moral and
ethical duty to protect the overall interest of
my people and others resident in it now or
in the future.

“That is exactly what I did in taking up the
task of drawing attention to the unintended
consequences of this decision that might
affect generations now and those yet
unborn so that proper and due consideration
is given to it by all stakeholders and not
just only HRM Eze Enwereji and his

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