The Impunity/ Humanitarian Abuse Of The Nigerian Police And The Impeding Crisis

At the darkest hour, comes the beam of light, the hope of restoration, the joy of a new dawn, the tears of liberty and the grace to defiantly forge ahead. All these come with the purity of intent to succeed and the hope for a better and a progressive future.

It is no longer news that the security apparatus of Nigeria presently, has turned out to be another arm of legalized/institutionalized terror. One wonders therefore, why up till date, no apparent arrest has been effected resulting from the wave of ongoing ethnic cleansing in Nigeria as steadily been driven by the Fulani Islamic terrorists. How then has the Nigerian Police become so shamelessly helpless and tolerant in the face of these crimes of genocide being imposed on the citizens whom they are supposedly meant to protect? Does it mean that the Nigerian Police has now become an accomplice to the imposed terror and genocidal onslaught being blatantly carried out against the indigenous citizens of Nigeria? We can go on and on enumerating their ills and yet to our dismay, as development worsens daily.

This security outfit is a frontliner leading in various shades of humanitarian abuse. The officers and men have become willing and ready tools in the hands of both the Nigerian government and political tyrants, in orchestrating terror, humiliating the citizenry, recklessly killing them as well as turning around to tag them terrorists. According to a report credited to the Daily Post of 3rd May 2019, the Nigerian Police agreed to work with the Fulani killer herdsmen, a group which according to World Index rating, stands as the forth most deadliest terrorist organization globally.  Why this working affinity therefore between the Nigerian Police and Fulani killer herdsmen? Has the Police in Nigeria become part of the terrorist group?

In the bid to consolidate their crimes, the Nigerian Police Force has completely abandoned it's constitutional roles and has become both the Judge and the Jury in any form of case it is involved in, thereby turning the police stations into breeding grounds for diverse humanitarian abuse. Such ranges from rape, forceful extermination, extortion, torture, etcetera. The rate at which human right abuses are being committed by the officers and men of the Nigerian Police is disgustingly alarming. Even your personal choice of language could lead to your death, according to Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Abayomi Shogunle on the 17th of April 2019, "Premium Times of Nigeria".

No one has so far been held accountable nor questioned for the gross humanitarian abuses the Nigerian Police has always perpetrated against the citizens. Nigerian roads especially within the South-East and South-South regions are no longer safe to ply due to grave oppression/extortion of money from road users. Presently, the Nigerian Police has a legalized kidnap syndicate called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) with another sister killer squad known as Directorate of Security Services (DSS). The level of impunity and terror this two arms of the Nigerian Police impose on the citizens is not just only high but shameful, unprofessional and disgusting. The tyrants and political hooligans at the corridors of power, have employed the use of these official armed killers in SARS and DSS to humiliate and destroy all those that stand opposed to their unethical leadership.

Worsening the entire situation, is the acceptance of this prevalent Police tyranny by the populace who have remained helplessly tamed with the barrel of the gun. It has so been patterned as normal for political tyrants/mercenaries' orgy of oppression and molestation targeted against the innocent. Some individuals may want to question what the role the Nigerian Police really is, in the security/protection of lives and properties of the citizenry. Why really has the Nigerian Inspector-General of Police not tendered his resignation arising from his incapability to comprehensively overhaul and reposition the force? Has the presidency become suddenly blind, deaf and dumb to the array of humanitarian abuses  perpetrated by a supposedly relevant security outfit? Shall the inhabitants of the land continue to wallow in this anomaly? Shall the innocent continue to die in the hands of the police even unprovoked? Shall the people continue to live in palpable fear and tension for lack of justice?

Now is the Time for a REVOLUTION!
FREEDOM is incomparable to Subjugation and Slavery!!

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press
The Impunity/ Humanitarian Abuse Of The Nigerian Police And The Impeding Crisis The Impunity/ Humanitarian Abuse Of The Nigerian Police And The Impeding Crisis Reviewed by EDITOR on Monday, June 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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