• Setting Up Fulani Vigilante Groups In The Southeast Is A Declaration Of War Against The Igbo Race

  • The callous insistence of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) to set up vigilantes in the South-East is not just nauseating but a declaration of war. Calling for the forceful establishment of such alien groups comprising of Fulanis in the South-East commonly known as Igboland even after initial outright rejection by political/socio-economic leaders of the people, portends great danger to the existing peace. It is important for the global community to really be on the watch because this cattle breeders with the full backing of the Nigerian Islamic government, has declared an open war against the Igbo race. This call by the Fulanis was contained in the reckless but well intended statement duly credited to Miyetti Allah leadership, wherein they were quoted as saying that the Fulani herdsmen vigilantes must be established in Igboland whether the people like it or not. The statement was published in different Nigerian dailies few days back. 

    Recall that since retired Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, who himself is a  grand patron of this Cattle Breeders Association in the country, assumed office as Nigeria's President, this group gained towering prominence and has been making  inflammatory statements particularly against the Igbo race without recourse. The group has persistently been sponsoring high profile terrorism activities against the various indigenous nations lumped together in the Nigerian contraption, using the notorious Fulani killer herdsmen to attack communities and ravaging farmlands. It must be noted as well that Miyetti Allah  Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), has been talking tough albeit carelessly, by saying that since the Igbos have remained stubborn by refusing to release their insufficient ancestral farmlands to the herdsmen for conversion to terrorists breeding outposts, the Igbos are stocking fire that will definitely consume them. Miyetti Allah leadership finally hit the highest height of the insult against the Igbos when they demanded to be allowed to set up vigilante services across the land. 

    In view of the foregoing therefore, it is necessary to let the whole world know that it is forbidden for a stranger to even partake in a security meeting in any community within Igboland according to Igbo culture and tradition, talkless of allowing nomadic invaders and aliens to establish vigilante services therein. It should be made known to Igbos that the South-East governors have already desecrated the land through their invitation of the members of this Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, to a security meeting concerning Igboland at the first instance because they are non-indigenes. One ancient Igbo axiom says: "Obiara abia anaghi eche nche ma  obu noro na ebe anagha izu nche na Obodo". Translated into English language, the above says that: "A non-indigene does not partake in vigilantes or security meetings in Igboland". It is the sole responsibility of every community to make provision of whatever security to her law abiding non-indigenous dwellers.  Igbo people are exceptionally hospitable in nature and do not harm their strangers especially when such ones are law abiding. Therefore, the Miyetti Allah leadership does not have anything whatsoever to entertain fear for as the safety of the Fulani herdsmen peacefully residing in Igboland, is guaranteed.

    All Igbo citizens globally must as a matter of importance, know that it was the fact that the South-East governors led by Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, have collectively committed sacrilege against the land by firstly inviting these aliens into where security matters of the land were being discussed. This gave the Miyetti Allah leadership, the effrontery to make such a bizarre/insulting demand on Igbo soil and still get away with it. Therefore as the leadership of Miyetti Allah with the strong backing of the Nigerian Islamic government draws the conclusion that they must establish alien/forbidden security outfits with terrorism mindset regardless of the rejection by greater section of Igbo populace both home and abroad, it must be noted that they have openly declared war against the Igbos. The jihadi war of expansionist conquest against the Igbo race is set. A clarion call is being made to everyone and every community in Igboland to get readily prepared to confront and crush the invading jihadi government-badged Islamic armed forces laying siege of our land. They are being officially given support and devilish guts to challenge the potency of Igboland. Miyetti Allah should note that we are not cowards and there is virtually no amount of intimidation, blackmail and military siege that will make the Igbo race to endorse alien vigilantes on our soil. Igbo people are more than capable of protecting, defending and securing their lands even without the presence of the occupational Nigerian jihadist armed forces. Every Igbo community must be ready to take aggression to the Fulani killer herdsmen stationed in our domain by totally evicting them through all available means. They are already in our land with the sole intention of unleashing mayhem in line with their Islamic agenda for conquest and expansionism. 

    A stitch in time they say, saves nine! 

    Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze 
    Edited by Peter Oshagwu 
    For Family Writers Press International

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