"The key to unity Is understanding that we Are different people" - (Must Read)

For a very long time Nigeria have been clamoring for UNITY and unity keeps on eluding them. To get unity, they went on to kill more than 3.5 million Biafrans. Yet Unity flew much higher away from them. There is absolutely no way 3.5 million blood can gift Unity.

Understanding our differences and accepting them is the key to unity. As a philosopher, I hope that my works will never be in vain. I hope it gets to teach lots of people. Not that I am a saint or perfect, but because I am a pragmatic philosopher who believes in what works, though with morality as a guiding principle.

Nigeria wanted us to forget we are different people. They wanted a situation where we deny we have different culture, different language. That we eat different food, facially different and entirely different people. They have done virtually everything to destroy our identity. And forge us into one fake people. They sold seeds of division and discord to keep brothers apart in their quest to maintain Nigeria unity. But how can there be unity in an orchestrated forceful denial of whom we are. How can there be progress without unity? Nigeria have been retrogressing and will soon collapse.

This is exactly why I think that those asking for unity of all Biafran agitators doesn’t understand the true meaning of the word unity. Unity of purpose brings unity. When you face the problem and tackle only the problem, instead of wasting your time blackmailing, insulting and fighting your own people, you will all walk into unity. And that’s because we have all gotten one goal. And that’s freedom. To restore Biafra.

The advocators of Southern unity are another set of people that are on a white goose chase. The Biafrans have been fighting for freedom. They have confronted the Fulani caliphate and they are still on it. If the West wants unity, they should face the enemies of the South instead of aiding them. When Biafrans are convinced that we all have gotten SAME GOAL and that’s the pursuit of FREEDOM, then UNITY will be achieved.

Understand it that we are different. And only unity of purpose is needed.

Let the New Biafra not make the same Nigeria mistake. You must understand that there are Ijaw, Igbo, Efik, Urhobo, Ogoni Ibibio, Anaang, Oron, Eket etc within Biafra, and we are all different. It’s only when we perfectly understand our difference, that we can born a progressive society.

I am Elochukwu Ohagi, a Philosopher and a Teacher.



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