Biafra: I am sure Buhari sent VP Osibanjo to US as a result of my visit — Tony Nnadi

The general secretary of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Mr Tony Nnadi in response to an interview on Irokopost TV said that the Federal Government led by Buhari sends the VP Osibanjo to US because of his his ongoing diplomatic visit across the country.

The interview which was made by irokopost TV staff, Rudolf okonkwo in the New York City in United States of America recorded a lot of issues pointed out by the LNC Secretary.

The lawyer who was part of congressional round table talks that looked at the insecurity and uncertainty of many issues in Nigeria continues to travel across the US to have town hall meetings.

The lawyer who pointed through the steps of messes Nigerians are passing through right from his first tenure till date mentioned that, their are no longer truth in Buhari led Government.

He revealed that from bokoharam to herdsmen, from herdsmen to bandit and now it’s invaders from unknown country, how can you romance invaders with ruga, he questioned.

It’s obvious that the US policy makers have gotten the truth as opposed to the false narrative that Nigeria government has be using to cover crimes been perpetrated to Nigerians.

Buhari is taking the country for granted, he is the President of Nigeria yes but how he runs the government is deteriorating, Fulani elements are trying to run over the whole country and its uncalled how he is using VP Osibanjo to cover up the whole issues.

However, he said that his group is demanding that the US should appoint a special envoy to Nigeria to confirm the Nigeria situation.


Source: Biaframill


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