Real Yahoo Yahoo Fraudsters Are Igbo Social Cultural Groups (Ohaneze Ndigbo/ADF)

Real Yahoo Yahoo Fraudsters Are Igbo Social Cultural Groups (Ohaneze Ndigbo/ADF)

Some group of red-capped men woke one morning and formed a club based on their personal interest. Every now and then, they send delegates to Abuja. On reaching the entrance of Aso Rock, security men stop them  and  ask- "Who are you? Where are you from? What are you looking for?

One of them replied:  "We are Igbo leaders"
Another added: "We are the original leadership caucus of Ohaneze-Ndi-Igbo. We are in charge of the sociopolitical affairs of Igbo land. Any other group you see here is fake. Emmm... My son, as usual, We have a date with Mr president."

(security officials allow them passage to the waiting room of the president)

Mr president enters, but before he could open his mouth to greet his visitors, he has been showered with uncountable, unmerited and unsolicited Chieftancy titles that knows not it's meanings. Each self acclaimed Igbo leader wants to overshadow another in flattering the head of state. This opportunity that comes once in lifetime must not be spoilt by any dull moment.

Agu N'eche Mba 1 of Ebonyi state
Ekwueme 1 of Anambra
Onwa 1 of Imo state
Odozi Obodo 1 of Abia state
Dike Oha 1 of Enugu

The praise-singing delegation continue until they all run out of words.

The president feeling on top of the world asks his aides to arrange some moneybags and contract forms while he tables the terms and conditions. First and foremost, IPOB must be dealt with. The group must be proscribed, and none must utter a word when the members are hounded, arrested and executed. Finally, the deal is done.

The visitors dust their buttocks, each smiling home with an assured sudden wealth and federal connection. Even the president has to call two of them back to come and pick up their caps and staffs which they've forgotten.

They all return home and start speaking big big English. They won't tell you they went to Abuja on invitation of the president. They will brag for months of having gone to Abuja to demand why second Niger bridge has not been completed and why Nigeria must be restructured. They start seeing Biafra agitation as a call for war and they start criticising Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day.

 MeanwhIle, one underdog member of the group who got wind of what truly transpired in Abuja, immediately rushed home and crowned himself 'Eze Ndi Igbo in Zaria' with his next step directed at the government house.

The real revolution must start at our doorstep!

*Keep sharing until all the Efulefus with red cap repent of their sins

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