Sincerely speaking, I support every group fighting for the restoration of Biafra. But I tend to use my brain more, do some critical thinking and ask questions.

I heard that Raph Uwazurike has erected Radio Biafra in Owerri. It sounds like a good achievement right? Well, I don't know how true this news is, but if it is true, and Federal government of Nigeria allows it, while they have been fighting tooth and nail to jam Radio Biafra under IPOB, then know it that that radio is not for Biafra.

How can Nigeria government under the caliphate allow a radio Biafra in the heart of Owerri? It's very simple. The radio is there to counter IPOB and deceive the people. If not this, then tell me how else this can be explained. Does it mean that suddenly, Nigeria government have accepted Biafra? 

Some time ago, late 2017 to be precise, IPOB members were hunted by the Nigeria military, same military were seen in Onitsha providing security for MASOB members campaigning against IPOB boycott order. How is it that they suddenly developed love for MASOB, yet they kill and imprison IPOB members.

Every action of MASOB led by Uwazurike has shown that the man has derailed. He is into 'the more you look the less you see'. Even northerners now praise him. And I won't be wrong to say that he is an agent of the caliphate. If not, how can someone wanting to divide Nigeria be loved suddenly by the North and APC government.

Personally, I think the voice of those sabotaging the freedom of our people are getting louder. Their sponsors are really spending much. They are at it and have all they need for the dirty job they are doing against their people. The implication is that, if we don't counter them now and use supperior argument to defeat them, they might deceive more people and throw us all into a fight with our brothers.

Have you noticed that they are also getting at some of our writers? This is the time we need to be strong and determined. Things are terribly hard, but you must know whom to demand anything from. That's if you must. Lots of them want you to detail. Grow a Strong Will that not even a Greek gift from anyone can change who you are. A lot is going underground.

The first step to spotting someone they are working on, is when he or her starts writing on the need for all Biafra groups to unite. That's what they use to fool and get them. Fake unity. Ask yourself this question. How can someone insulting IPOB everyday on his post speak to you about unity? Can a devil give peace?

Double your effort. Believe me, anyone that left the caliphate and their Islamization agenda to fight IPOB is not for Biafra.

Stop allowing this people to fool you. 


Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi


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