Friday, 3 May 2019

Buhari, my real husband is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia - Aisha Buhari cries Out, Exposes hidden truth unknowingly


Information reaching our newsroom has it that Aisha Buhari had made another open confusion unknowingly to her while addressing the public in Channel TV. She quite described her husband buhari as a dead man (In memory) when speaking on Buhari university which will be built and collaborated in Saudi Arabia.

"Muhammad Buhari University will be Built in Collaboration with Sudan and Qatar" in Memory of her husband Muhammadu Buhari. ~Aisha Buhari on Channels Television News". 


The question is:
1) Who is the Widow?
2)Who is the man currently masquerading himself as Mohammed Buhari at Aso Rock Villa?
3)Can the living be addressed as “In Memory"? 


Source: Chidiebere Aguigwom



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  2. News, l like it. Good work joor.

  3. Nigerians must see the end of it. The truth must surely prevail.

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  5. It's very shameful that the Vice President of Nigeria don't know who his boss is or was and can not stand up for the truth instead of hiding under the shadows as a coward. Speak it out Mr. Vice President if your boss is dead or alive, Nigerians need to know. Nigerians please wake-up if Buhari is dead; who ever is in that Aso Rock should evacuate from that building immediately.
    I support the civil mass revolution our lives are in jeopardy Nigeria is a thickening time bomb, we will be arounded in no time, please wake-up Nigerians the time is now limited.Please stop selling your land to anyone tell your neighbors, the 11th hour is by the corner.
    Thank You
    Engr. Azubuike, Samuel