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Truth must be spoken! There Are No True Worshippers In Nigeria

I am of the opinion that the brand of Christianity practiced in Nigeria is fraudulent. What I'm about to share with you is the actual content of Christianity obtainable in Nigeria. My opinion is not born of arrogance and intolerance for constituted authority. Rather, I am only stating the obvious hypocrisy and double standardness that has become the brand of Christianity practiced in Nigeria.

Though some Christian fanatics might attempt to water down the truth inherent in my argument, but I will also caution that such move will be somewhat counter productive, considering how millions of people who formerly bought into some of the lies brandished by the forerunners of Christ in Nigeria are gradually becoming wise and very knowledgeable. The era when gospel merchants overran their naive members with mendacious doctrines is coming to an end.

Before some gullible Christians will start screaming how God will punish and destroy me for questioning some perceived abnormalities which have become the bane of pureness, compassion and mercy that Christianity is known for, I will advise they reflect on the lifestyle of He whom they follow. Nigerian Christians worship and reverence their Daddy G.O's more than they respect God. They keep their statutes and ordinances more than they do to that of God; hence, they prefer to give generously in church than to give to the poor. Their pastors tell them that to give 'God's' money to the needy is good, but it is more profitable to give it in the 'house' of God. Are humans no longer the dwelling place of God? Does God dwell in a structure or in the heart of man? (Mathew 25:31-46). A general overseer who without fear and respect arrogated the glory of God to himself just for self ego and material aggrandizement.

I am not here to raise unnecessary religious dust, but out of my magnanimity and concern, I am simply helping to douse the one that is already causing a magnitude of damage to the entire Christiandom. We can't continue overlooking what's important. Professing to be Christ like while our daily lives is below the standard of Christ is to ridicule what we claim to believe.

Why do Nigerian Christians pretend a lot?

Christ in his teachings taught us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. The Bible made us to understand that that part of the law is the greatest among all the laws given by God, and Christians who are forerunners of Christ on earth must not fail to live by this precept; because God is love. Christ is an epitome of love, and that is why he said, "whatsoever you do to the least of my brother that you do unto me". Christ while on earth laid the foundation of his gospel: of mercy, pity and love. He always stressed the need for Christians to love and care for one another. It is by so doing that we obediently fulfil the commandment of our Father who created man in his own image. God is love and that was the reason why He sacrificed his only begotten son to redeem mankind from the bondage of sin. As a people who professes Christ, our attitude and actions should depict the beauty of Christ.

I have come to a logical conclusion that majority who call themselves Christians in Nigeria are unrepentant hypocrites and champions of religious stomach infrastructure. I call them hypocrites because they only pretend to wear the garment of Christ so that the world may see and praise their flamboyance when truly inside of them they lack the purity of kindness. Perhaps, majority of the gospel preachers in Nigeria are stomach driven rather than divinely inspired.

The monetization of a gospel that was freely given has become one of the safest route of extricating from the embarrassing poverty ravaging Nigeria. To run faster than others, all one need to do is to rent a one room apartment around the neighborhood, hire few musical instruments and memorize some important portions of the Bible, you are good to go. Make sure one has a mastery in the act of fabricating prophecies that will hold these Miracle seekers hostage. With all these logistics on board, the church business will hit the rooftop, add a few modern gadgets and a good choir, you are already at the stratstospher. And as the general overseer who gloat in fraud, your bank account automatically will begin to grow fat as these unwary miracle seekers will be ready to give their widows mite just to tape into a miracle that is so convoluted and bereft of celestial legitimacy.

In Nigerian churches, a member could be in a precarious situation that requires urgent financial help instead of the entire church to make donations in order to assist this church member that is in dare need, majority will prefer to make donations in the expansion of the church building while others might go as far as sowing a hypocritical seed that is worth more than the financial problem of that brother/sister in the church. In most cases, the tithe card of the person could be cross examined before any form of assistance will be rendered.

Then let me ask, did the early disciples not care for one another? Did they not give for the good of all? Did those who have not bring all they had to share with those who do not have? Why are other laws considered obsolete, but that which involves money remains valid? Why is money the yardstick for measuring who's a true worshipper or not? Why do these gospel merchants bully, threaten with hell, poverty, sickness and doom just to defraud church goers? Why is Christianity in Nigeria so disgraceful?

The leaders of the church are not also left out in this ungodly life. In many Nigerian churches, the pastor of the church has fleet of cars and private jets whereas there are thousands of his members who are unemployed and even go to bed in most occasions without food. But the flamboyant life style of the general overseer is being sustained by the hard earned money of these poor and hapless members of the church. Christ while on earth never owned a single boat. He didn't own a horse, a carmel or a donkey. He never called for offerings after his teachings, rather he fed those who came to listen to him. He fed them! He didn't send them away to go carter for themselves. HE FED THEM.

Many people have fallen prey. In search of salvation and miracle, they unfortunately landed into the religious hook of a predator masquerading under the cover of a miracle worker. These general overseers will ask their members not to pursue the things of the world, but that of heaven, when they themselves have stored up treasures that will last several generations to come. The brand of Christianity in Nigeria is a mixture of hypocrisy and mendaciousness that is so filthy in the sight of God.

A recent research I did few months back indicated that millions of Christians in Nigeria on Sunday's intentionally abscond from church services. This is because there is no enough money for them to give multiple collections that will be foisted on them by the general overseer whose penchant for opulence is very insatiable.

Christians in Nigeria must understand the fact that their ticket to heaven does not really matter how much seed one sowed in the hands of the preacher, but will be measured by how much one touches the life of that brother and sister whose children have dropped out of school because of financial constraint. What matters most to Christ is how much effort you made to wipe away the tears of your neighbor whose children usually go to sleep without food. Remember, your fellow man is the God you see.

Let christians in Nigeria learn to practice what they preach. The pretentious lifestyle of the forerunners of Christ in Nigeria is rather making caricature of the entire Christiandom. Christ as a role model was able to set the moral pace for his true believers to follow.

There is need for self evaluation by Christians in Nigeria. A life that professes to be Christlike when in words and actions lacks the semblance of Christ is not worth living. Let's practice what we preach and stop making a mess of what Christ represent.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst at Family Writers Press.

Twitter: @kalunwokoro
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