Opinion: Imagine If Mandela Was A Nigeria, Someone Fought Bloodily for the South Africa you're enjoying today - Activists Writes Less concerned Nigerians

By Ikemọgụ Ojinnaka

While many comrades were killed by the apartheid government in South Africa, Mandela and some other comrades spent 27 of their productive years in life inside solitude jail in Robin island to free their people.

Today, many black Africans and Nigerians in particular are benefitting from that bloody sacrifice. Thousands of Nigerians are in South Africa for business and education because Mandela and his comrades paid the price.

Today, when i look at some beneficiaries of that bloody sacrifice in South Africa touting IPOB and playing unconcern about their people's freedom back home, not even supporting such a noble course, I wonder what would have become the fate of black South Africans and other African nationals living there now.

It's unfortunate that some of our people who managed to escape the jungle don't care about those who are still trapped in the jungle called Nigeria. They only care about their individual and family comforts. Shame!

You ran away because you can run, what about those who cannot run? You're in South Africa, USA and other free nations selfishly playing unconcern about Biafra sovereignty struggle and the collective freedom of your indigenous people, just know that some people paid with their lives for you and I to be there save and free.

These high rate of individualism and "Who cares " attitudes about the freedom of Ndigbo and Biafrans in general will hurt everyone at last when this conquest is completed.
As you're safe in other free nations  that your extended families and distance relatives are still there in that jungle.

These false sense of safety by some One-nigerianists and their ignorant follwers are temporal as there are more than one thousand ways to die a nigerian. It is extremely difficult to avoid 100 of them.

Check the road, air, water, healthcare, collapsible buildings, herdsmen, bokoharam, criminals, rituals, soldiers, sars, economy, frustration, depression, etc. Too many ways to die a nigerian.

Las Las, I know that true freedom fighters are born, they are not made.They can't stand the unjustice and cruelty of man to fellow man because of colour and race.They will rather die than to watch such evil to continue. They are unbribable and can't compromise.

So if you can't fight for your people's freedom at least support those risking everything, life and comfort zone to free your people. Stop enabling the oppressors and enslavers by your unnecessary attacks and insults on those in the struggle. Stop demoralising those in the struggle. Stop being instrument in the hands of our collective oppressors. Stop it.

●Ikemọgụ Ojinnaka

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