Opinion: The Fulani Bullet Is Not A Respecter Of Any Southerner

To the Southerners publicly fighting against the Biafra struggle, Fulani Bullet is not a respecter of anyone, in Nigeria where human right is grossly violated.

Some of the people arrested during IPOB peaceful rallies, are passerby's, even after denying Biafra the Nigeria security agents detain them.

It doesn't matter if you accept your originality or despise Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when the Gambari's or Sons of Uthman Danfodio come for an attack, every Southerner shall be treated like an Nyamiri and Harune.

When they slaughter, they shall not ask if you are an IPOB supporter, the knife gets directly into any body part of their choice and blood flows into our Land.

Stop sabotaging your people, it will do you no good. Writing garbage online, will not exonerate your Family members from the jihadist intended attack.

Tinubu Wife's assertion over the hate against Ndigbo, was not narrowed to IPOB.
Adeyinka Grandson's threats against Ndigbo, was not limited to IPOB.
Fulani herdsmen's attack, is not directed to IPOB activists alone.
The Military rampage did not stop at AfraUkwu-Ibekwu Umuahia, it extended to other Southern areas.

No Hausa/Fulani Man is interested in your sabotage, they carry out guerilla attack at ease, with impunity. They only use and send Efcc, before dumping you.
Collaborating with Fulani to kill your own people, will only last for a while, but shall be disastrous, for Mama Biafra will strike.

I believe in the Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because, his directions has exposed every hidden agenda of our oppressors. If you don't believe in him, no one is compelling you to tow his pathway, go get your motherland restored.

The drum of Jihad war is looming.. The Children of Danfodio are surrounding our Land, while politically dividing and exposing us to dangers.
Our Warlords are now mapped out for destruction, while they block our boarders. We must arise to get our Motherland restored, for Biafra Nation is the hope of the oppressed.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi Writes For Biafra Media

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