I  Won't Keep quiet, Buhari Sacked Me As A Commissioner because I refused supporting further killings of Innocent people of Benue — Fatai Owoseni Cries Out

Former Lagos Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni has said that the real reason he was redeployed from Benue State was because he refused to obey orders from his superiors that could have led to chaos and further killings in the troubled state.

Owoseni was posted from Lagos by the then Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to Benue State to quell the herdsmen and farmers crisis that led to the death of more than 100 persons including policemen in the state.

I was deployed to Benue in the heat of the farmers–herdsmen crisis and to the best of my ability, I discharged my responsibility within the ambit of the law.

In police work, we are the most endangered. Instructions will be given to you and you will be caught in-between obeying superior instruction and respecting the constitution of the country. I held that as a principle that my loyalty is to the constitution of Nigeria, not to any human being.

Where there are conflicts like that, if you are not able to balance what you do, any mistake of judgment can cost you your job. It’s just for you to be matured enough to know where your obligation lies, to be able to differentiate between what is lawful and unlawful instruction. I can tell you that I discharged my responsibility to the best of my ability.

Someone will sit in Abuja and give you instruction, it is for you that is on the ground to know the implication of that instruction. Instructions that will lead to killings and disturbance in the state. Whatever that might have happened, that has become history now. The most important thing is that I have my integrity intact.

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  1. This report is fake news. I have read the original interview by the Sun Online via this link: https://www.sunnewsonline.com/why-i-was-removed-as-benue-police-commissioner-fatai-owoseni/ and from what I read, there was nothing corroborating the fact that the former Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, claimed that the President sacked him because he refused to support the killing of innocent people. This headline is a serious indictment against Fatai Owoseni himself, the President of Nigeria and the entire police leadership. It is very sad that the publisher of this story don't care about the consequences of such report. Obviously, it is aimed at creating unnecessary tension and security breach in Benue State and other parts of the country. Very sad.

  2. Stop peddling unprofessional conduct on fake n distorted story initiated by other media outfit. If you're to continue journalism practice you're enjoined to desist from unprofessional conduct n imbibe the tenants of this enviable profession. This story you carried didn't portray the true and picture n very far from the truth.
    All regulatory, professional and law enforcement agencies are to rise up to curb the publication n spread of falsehood of this nature now and in future.

    1. There is need to counter these fake news problem in Nigeria. Too disturbing and tearing everybody apart