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  • PANIC: Nigeria Churches Suffers Breakdown, Members left church Service In Aba As Reverend Father Urged congregation to Vote - Report 

  • Information reaching ECO CITY REPORTERS now has it that Members of the Church of Resurrection Parish during 6:00 am morning service digraced their Rev. Father by leaving their seats, this happpened as the paid political Reverend father urges them to participate in Nigeria election in order to vote the evil politicians whom the Biafrans has confirmed as Evil.

    Meanwhile, it was gathered that this happened today being 3rd Febraury 2019, the Church is situated @ 139 Old Express Road Aba Abia State.

    Recall that Nigeria Politicians has being using some of the so called Priest in many Churches to perfect their selfish interest, making Churches a campaign ground for murderous politicians.

     A week today same evil politicians storms St. Mary's Parish close to Ariaria Junction which they were disgrace by Biafrans, today has repeated itself at Church of Resurrection Parish Aba Abia State.

    However as the Church members rebuke this Satanic counsel of the so-called Priest masquerading as Man of God, during the 6:00 am early morning Service ,the priest told his members to disregard anybody asking them not to vote, he urged them to vote, as he finish his statement the Church went agog in anger and starts leaving the Church, the Reverend father pleaded with them to stay but they refused saying the Priest has being used by Evil Politicians to continue persuading them to live in this murderous establishment called Nigeria. 

    I want to congratulate every member of Church of Resurrection Parish who rejected this Evil advice of the so called Priest, also I want to urge every other Churches, Groups, Clubes etc to decline the advice of anybody urging them to Vote, because our vote do not count in Nigeria and Nigeria is not a democratic country, voting in Nigeria is renewing four years slavert, that's why they evil and don't obey rule of Law.

    We call on every Biafrans and those who truly love the freedom of Biafrans in the evil country called Nigeria to boycott every Nigeria election, that's the easies

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