UN: Nigeria Govt has terrrorised Biafrans alot and still intimidating them. What have they done wrong?


The unwarranted assault, illegal arrest and detention of Biafran Jews by the combined security forces of Nigerian Army and Police during their annual peaceful religious procession in Umuahia, Abia State, on Tuesday 11th December 2018, is a clear violation of the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 as amended. That despicable act of tyranny orchestrated against Biafran Jewish adherents, is comically ironical of the Constitutional provision on the rights of the people to freely express themselves. This bizarre display of impunity and victimization precipitated against harmless, defenseless, innocent Biafrans, posits the Nigerian government as shamelessly lawless. The Nigerian Constitution, which is arguably seen as the supreme law of the country, clearly stipulates in section 38, that every citizen resident within the geographical space known as Nigeria, has absolute freedom of worship and is entitled to any religion of choice and conscience. Nigeria, though regarded as a secular state due to this constitutional provision, disappointedly reels in draconian effects of Islamic administrative control.

It is really surprising why the Nigerian Police Command in Abia State will openly and shamelessly state before news reporters in Umuahia, that Judaism is a prohibited religion in Nigeria as if there exists any State-owned religion recognised by the Constitution. It is needful that Human Rights Organisations within and without the Nigerian federation, get fully aware of the evolving gross violation of the Nigerian Police Force of the constitutional provision of people’s rights. It is a shame that law enforcement agency like the Nigerian Police cannot simply interpret the law they are officially obligated to enforce and protect. Stating that Judaism and Jewish mode of worship are prohibited in Nigeria is to say the least, disgustingly moronic. The Biafran Jews were blatantly assaulted, arrested and are being illegally detained not because they disrupted public peace or committed any crime known to law, but because they were exercising their rights of identification with Jewish/Judaistic religious mode of worship, termed “forbidden” by the Abia State command of the Nigerian Police Force. This is the height of criminality against the provisions of the law as clearly spelt out in the Nigerian Constitution. The only known prohibition on constitutional freedom of religion and worship extends to secret societies (occult groups).

It is expected that the Nigerian Police Service Commission launches detailed and impartial investigation into this illegality and decisively deal with the Abia State Police Commissioner. He needs to be summarily dismissed from the force and prosecuted for his Command’s acts of irresponsibility. The Constitution of Nigeria is grossly tainted by this very disgraceful show of force against the innocent which resulted in unnecessary assault, arrest and unlawful detention of peaceful Biafran Jewish worshippers in Umuahia. And as for these victimized citizens, the Abia State Government should be held accountable for initiating and supervising such heinous crimes against a relatively peaceful religious community. It is really difficult to explain how it has become the prerogative of law enforcement agencies which are legally obligated to enforce and protect the provisions of the Constitution, to become apostles of the violation of the law. These security personnel are overzwalously bent on servicing the evil interests of their Abuja-based Islamic overlords through this callous attack on the age-long religious affinity between the Jewish State of Israel and the Biafran people. The Abia State Command of the Nigerian Police Force has brazenly assaulted the Biafran Jewish community with reckless abandon and therefore, must be prepared to face the corresponding consequences at the appropriate time. And as for the violation of the Nigerian Constitution, the Police Command has to be subjected to appropriate disciplinary measures.

Judaism is a globally known ancient religion and even in Biafraland, it pre-dates the colonial era of the British in the West African sub-region. There is absolutely nothing mere mortals can do to obliterate it from the land of Biafra. All the arrested adherents must have to be unconditionally and immediately released without further delay. In the entire global community, there exists no crime in one identifying with his/her religion. The Nigerian government and it’s agents should fully comprehend this.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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