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"No More Travelling Home for Christmas, We'll block the Roads from now hence forth" - Northerners Tells Igbos/Biafrans in the North 

- The Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) said anyone who flouts the rule will be fined - It said it has become a habit for Igbos to run to their home states during election The Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) has banned Igbos in the 19 northern states from travelling to their states of origin during the 2019 general elections. 

Guardian reports that the group which is an administrative umbrella organisation of Igbo resident in the northern states and Abuja and responsible for members’ welfare gave this directive after their extraordinary meeting.

It warned that any member that flouts the directive will be fined. In a statement signed by its president general, Chief Chikezie Nwogu and secretary general Austin Ofokansi Ifedinezi, the group said it would not tolerate Igbos running to their hometown during election again. 

The statement reads: “We want our people to stay in their respective states and cast their votes. The era of running home during elections cannot be tolerated again. There is no need for us to go home at every election because if you do that you will automatically disenfranchise yourself. “We have done a lot of sensitisation. 

We have also educated our people on this and we all agreed. That is why we decided to place an embargo. And if you travel, IDA will fine such person(s)". 

Meanwhile, a former governor of Enugu state, Sullivan Chime, on Wednesday, November 21, solicited support for President Muhammadu Buhari, urging Ndigbo to vote for the president in the forthcoming 2019 presidential election. 

Chime who made the statement in Enugu noted that President Buhari deserves Nigerians' support in the election. “We should be interested in what we get as a people and not about appointments,” Chime stated.


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