Saturday, 3 November 2018

We're being Punished by the Govt because we didn't Vote for Them, They took us as Servants/Slaves - Annikio Briggs Reacts Opens Up on River State Airport 


Just watching Channels News Across Nigeria just before midnight and l hear a FG employee, a servant of the people refer to the long over due Local Airport at Port Harcourt International Airport as a Christmas present to the people of Rivers State.

The people of Rivers State, people who visit Rivers State have endure this ghetto of an airport inflicted on us by a government determined to punish itself because the state did not vote for it.

The International and Local Airport of Rivers State is a right, and built with our Oil and Gas money. 
Referring to the so called finished airport as a Christmas Present is disrespectful and insensitive to the pain and discomfort we have endured since 2015 is wicked and drives home the arrogance with which these people govern.

If the Country is restructured we won't put up with this ignorance and arrogance as the FG will have no business building airports for Rivers State. 

It Is almost over.

Annkio Briggs
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