Saturday, 3 November 2018

SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN: Without Biafra, Africa are Gone Forever, no two ways about it - MNK Voice out 

Without Biafra, Africa will be in darkness.
Biafra is Light.

IPOB knows their Leader Nnamdi Kanu, is resolute, that is why they can't fall out.
I want every Man of good conscience, to keep money at side and face the truth.

Ohaneze is proscribed, banned and dissolved.
The name used in stealing in Aso Rock, is called Ohaneze Ndigbo.
Nnia Nwodo knelt down in Tinubu's bedroom, begging him to make him the Governor of Enugu State.

Sometimes they wonder how I know, but I do.

I hate hypocrites in my Life and can't stand them.

They want you to keep voting and they keep recycling them.

~~ Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 3rd November 2018 Radio Biafra Live Broadcast..
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