Friday, 9 November 2018

"Let Biafra Go, One Nigeria Is a Scam" - Wike Explodes 


Following the royal visit of Prince Charles of Wales, the Rivers State governor has lamented the inability of the Prince to visit the dilapidated zone that produces 99% of the Nigeria treasury. In his words, the Prince was taken to Abuja and Lagos just to show him that Nigeria is developing neglecting the zone that made it possible. They don't want him to see the level of suffering we are passing through, he accused Yoruba and Hausa Fulani of conspiracy as their intention is to demarcate the oil producing areas.

He further expressed mix feelings on the sitting arrangement of traditional rulers as those producing the treasure of the nation were kept behind making them mockery of the visit, at the end they will say we are one Nigeria the governor concluded.

Source : 97.7 FM IN RIVERS 
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