Nigeria President is "Lifeless", He's afraid of Us that's why he didn't attend Paris Armistice Summit - Trump & Netayahu presence is a great fear to Aso Rock 


Since 10th of November,  we the Biafran journalists,  cyber force and intelligence units have been on round table eagle mode to unravel  for Nigerians and the world the nitty gritty of the drama with the Jubril Al Sudan  as the protagonist.  I must appreciate here,  the unusual cordinative understanding between the above units towards achieving this task as mandated by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  The intelligence and cyber team are worth working with indeed!  Like Eagles,  anything is within their radars,  like lions,  they are energised and brave.  For balancing, I wish to thank the media wing especially the studio engineers, editors,  news fetchers, bloggers,  twitter experts and numerous wings of the media that I might not keep itemising one by one here. 

Our leader mandated us to activate "operation kpupu okpu" with a stipulated timeline to get the impostor unmasked.  At the initial time,  I felt it was just a task for media unit only,  never knowing that it is going to be a cordinative move between the tripod units and later the medical team who recently are in standby over the independent DNA analysis of late Buhari and the impostor which is currently as I write at the disposal of our leader. When Jubril was to travelled to Paris on pretense of "joining other world leaders in the Armistice Remembrance Day", I personally felt embarrassed as how the cabals have lobbied to smuggled him among world leaders which to me as a media man,  understand the blow such would give to our efforts to unmasked him.  

Got back to my full self when one of our intelligence team who was on ground (Paris)  told us that Jubril was nowhere to be seen.  When we enquired from him of the true positions of CIA,  MOSSAD and rest of other agents around the venue as regards to the attempt to snuggle Jubril among world leaders,  he told us to be relax as there is pre-notification to Abuja by CIA,  MOSSAD and others that such would not be allowed.  "In fact,  M16 (British intelligence Agency)  is disappointed at opposition of Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu over having an impostor among them". "Trump openly told Theresa May that he will order for the arrest of Jubril on the ground if sighted within the ground", our agent stated. M16 immediately informed Jubril handlers to stay clear as tempos were high despite British Government milking Abuja heavily on the promise she was going to help her lobby world leaders over this.  

Britain went as far as to advise Abuja to avoid anyone know which hotel Jubril stays or allow Jubril touch with bare hand,  any object as MOSSAD and M-BRANCH  were scanning various hotels in France to extract Jubril's DNA via various objects his finger touches.  For this purpose,  Jubril within few days he was in Frances slept on Abuja brought bed sheets and used utensils like cups and spoons which were transported back home. Even his urine and stools were not allowed to be kept behind in France to avoid agents taking it for further medical analyses. Abuja felt humiliated by US and Israel and duped by Britain over the last minute disappointment.  Adesina not knowing what else to do again, turned to photoshoping contrarily to earlier plan.  Their poor pictures products were due to live reportage of big media platforms which to them was going to raise too many questions. According an intercepted communication, Lai Mohammed was asked to be the one to release the photoshop photographs,  but he objected fearing backlash. Buhari cousin Abba according to the intercepts by Biafra cyber units asked Adesina to used the photoshop pictures and break the news and "live the rest to him". To Buhari's cousin,  two options were left for him,  to use military power to suppress any protest arising from the suspicion or get Jubril murdered and tell Nigerians that Buhari has died.  When there were relatively quietness from Nigerians after the release of the photishops despite Biafrans unmasking efforts,  Buhari cousin felt relieved. 

Jubril was to return on Tuesday 13th Nov. as presidency earlier stated.  But having been humiliated and handled as tow,  he refused boarding back the aircraft back home.  He threatened to run back to Sudan or open up to Nigerians the deal.  This embarasment from Jubril was uncontrollable in France that Abba the late Buhari's cousin has to rush down to France via UK to plead with Jubril to return home in other to save the cabals.  This is the delay in return you heard.  What our intelligence agents are fetching now is to know if truly Jubril came back or the flight that landed in Abuja was empty.  Whatever it is,  M-BRANCH,  media team and the cyber unit  are all in eagle mode!

Chika Austine

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