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Nigeria's Diplomatic War Against Israeli Govt Commenced With the Burning of Israeli Flag - FG in Trouble 


For the interest of the uninformed and the misinformed, Israel is a nation that cannot forget in a hurry, the array of evil being perpetrated against her by a country like Nigeria. 

It is ridiculous that the Nigerian government could even contemplate approaching the State of Israel through the backdoor, in it’s desperate demand that the Jewish nation should respect their age-long diplomatic relations by extraditing a very revered and global Jewish leader in the calibre of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

How could the Islamic government of Nigeria so suddenly forget the numerous sheds of rascality demonstrated against the Israeli nation when the Nigerian armed forces confiscated Israeli and American flags used by the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), during the famous solidarity rally held in honor of Mr. Donald Trump on his inauguration on January 2017, as the 45th President of the United States of America at Igweocha (Port Harcourt), Biafraland? These flags were brazenly set ablaze as mockery of and provocation against the Jewish State. 

It is necessary therefore, that the Israeli government should also demand explanation from the Nigerian government, where the same age-long diplomatic respect between the two was, when the Nigerian lawless and unprofessional armed forces blatantly set ablaze, the Israeli national symbol, like her flag by those who were supposed to accord due respect to a symbol of national pride.

It is important also to recall the disgraceful event of October 2017, when the Nigerian government rented Islamic protesters who gathered and burnt Israeli flags before the full glare and support of the Nigerian armed forces as a response to President Trump’s recognition of the city of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The Nigerian Islamic Police Force proudly gave escort and protection to these protesters as they carried out undiplomatic destruction of the Israeli revered national symbol. 

These disgusting displays of rascality targeted against the Jewish State of Israel, have left many people all over the world bewildered with questions, if really there exists diplomatic dichotomy between the Nigerian Islamic government and the Israeli nation.

Enquiries from the Middle East Bureau of Family Writers Press International, into possible causes of these acts of hatred by Nigeria against Israel, reliable information gathered confirmed that such stemmed from the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts. 

Further investigation revealed that the Nigerian Islamic government is deeply committed to dispensing enormous resources all over the world in support of Palestinian fight for independence from Israel. 

The report further revealed that Nigeria is committed in deploying everything at her disposal to humiliate the Jewish nation of Israel, at any slightest opportunity to clearly stamp her hatred against the Jews. 

It is however the height of wickedness and hypocrisy for the same Nigeria that is relentlessly killing Biafrans (Jews), in the West African sub-region, to shamelessly and radically be demanding for the independence of Palestinians while yet attacking and destroying Israeli national symbol in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government should understand that the Jewish State of Israel has as a matter of right, decided to firmly respond to the numerous demeaning diplomatic rascality brought against her by Nigeria. 

This British contrapted entity, has through her constant supervision of desecrating Israeli national symbol and rubbishing her interest by pushing her to the wall, regardless of the corresponding consequences. 

There is no other humiliation which the Islamic government of Nigeria will ever bring upon the nation of Israel, besides the despicable burning of her national flag. Nigerian envoys are clearly at liberty to voice out their support for an independent Palestinian State, based on the right of opinion in global political discourse. 

But the grossly lawless and despotic Nigerian government has not hidden her disdain for Israel and has equally humiliated her through acts of hatred and provocation.


It is extremely important that the nation of Israel compels the Nigerian government to respect international laws protecting self-determination, by directly or indirectly calling for the sovereignty of Biafra. This is the only potent and painful recompense that Israel could give to Nigeria based on the latter’s numerous bizarre acts of rascality targeted against the Jewish nation. 

The sovereignty of Biafra will be an awesome payback to the Islamic government of Nigeria because of it’s serious threat to the Israeli political and economic interests in the entire African continent.

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