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Netanyahu: “Radical Islam is a threat to the world”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has called Iran the “most potent force of militant Islam,” putting Europe on notice of possible Iranian attacks on its soil.

Speaking after talks with his Bulgarian counterpart, prime minister Boyko Borisov, Netanyahu said radical Islam is a threat to the world. Netanyahu also referred to Iranian plots to carry out attacks on European soil that Israel has revealed and helped foil.

Ahead of his trip to Bulgaria, Netanyahu said he wants to strengthen ties with these countries and “change the hostile and hypocritical approach of the European Union” toward peace in the Mideast.

“It is a process that will take time, but I believe in setting goals and working methodically to achieve them. . . this is an important goal for the State of Israel whose standing in the world is growing,” he added.

Netanyahu arrived in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Varna for Friday’s meeting of the Craiova Forum, which includes the prime ministers of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, as well as the president of Serbia.

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