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[Live Broadcast]: "If they do not give us a date for referendum, I will release the DNA test, Both to Nigerians and West Africa" - Nnamdi Kanu 

I don't hide anything. If you say something Good or Bad about me and its worth reading, I will do that.

Anybody who know Buhari, is aware that he had same height.

Now let me ask Mallam Daura, do you agree that Buhari was taller Saraki?
So how come, Saraki became taller overnight? Now you know, the truth.

Mallam Daura said, they called for a Family meeting, to ask Jubril if indeed he is Buhari, after my broadcast.
Very laughable.

If Mallam Daura said, his physical appearance is changing because he is getting Old, then how come he is looking Young now?

Mallam Daura said, "We have tolerated this KANU enough. He insults our culture and we kept quite. Now he is insulting our leaders and we will not take it". But, he claim they are practicing Democracy, where Freedom of speech is not allowed and people are mute.
I will continue to expose them.
My questions are; 
(1)Why did Queen Elizabeth send a condolence message to Buhari?
(2)Why did A.U Leaders, give a minute silence to Buhari?

(3)Why is it that upon till now, they have not released what Buhari was suffering from, before he died?

(4)Where was the Jet that took Buhari travel to? And Aisha Buhari claimed she went for a lesser haij.

(5)Why did Atiku say, he can't context Presidency with a Foreigner?

(6)Why have they not ask Rocha's Okorocha, why he threatened to expose Aso Rock, if his Son In-law is not made a Governor? Okorocha we know what, you see about to say already.

We have things to show the World and it will be done in live video.
Somebody must arrest Jubril because, he is an impostor.
If they do not give us a date for referendum, I will release the DNA test, not just to Nigerians, but the whole of West Africa.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Live Broadcast On Radio Biafra 17th November 2018

from tge desk of Ibeh Gift Amarachi

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