[LIVE BROADCAST]: "I have people that gives me Information from Aso Rock" - Nnamdi Kanu 

The Zoo is in trouble because im here and they know it.

I must shred John Tsoho into pieces, until they sack him as a Judge.

The whole Works listens to Radio Biafra, including Israel where I am.

Okorocha knows that Buhari is dead, that is why he want to blackmail them with it and impose his son inlaw as a Governor.

Sometimes they wonder how I know. I can't run  IPOB without having people, in Aso Rock.
Do you know that, they stopped at Casablanca for a Life Support Machine, because he was brain dead.

Buhari saw me and died.
Elohim said I should come, for Biafra's to have light.
Of the Zoo was strong, why didn't they come with Armoured Cars and Fighter Jets?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Radio Biafra Broadcast 10th November 2018

Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting

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