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JUST IN!!! Biafra: IPOB Warns Nigerian Military Over Illegal Arrest And Clampdown On Members - Report

the arrest of traders in Anambra state, who the police said are suspected of killing a police inspector during rally. Meanwhile, photographs and reports of eyewitnesses revealed that no member of the Nigerian police force was killed during the rally.

The group which reported that none of its members who participated in the rally was arrested and non is missing, said in a statement signed by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, that no matter the threat of the federal government of Nigeria and the military, they will continue the evangelism and sensitization for their proposed Biafra referendum.

“It is very pathetic and unbelievable to all Nigerians that Nigerian security forces who has been receiving serious and consistent thrashing from Boko Haram terrorists operating in the North East of Arewa north without resistance would summon the courage and temerity to go around Biafraland harassing unarmed civilians who are peaceful rallying on their own. The cowardly and wretched security agencies of Nigeria cannot confront and withstand Boko Haram terrorist but always find strength and courage in killing innocent Biafrans going about their lawful business”.
“It is important we remind this despotic Nigerian Government and her security forces that days are coming when they will no longer sneak up behind IPOB rally formations anywhere in Biafraland and be spared,” the group said.

Condemning the arrest of traders in Anambra state and demanding their release; IPOB said its intelligence has uncovered a plan by Anambra state governor Willie Obiano and others to carry out another mass arrest in Nnewi.

“We are warning Nigeria Government headed by Fulani caliphate including the Nigerian Police to leave IPOB family alone and release those arrested unjustly in the name of arresting IPOB family members.”.

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